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Eric Herdman orchestrates know how,  for over 20 years, he has delivered keynote speeches and full day workshops across the nation, devoted to improving  leadership skills, productivity, grit, resilience and optimize ourselves so that we can put our best out there everyday.

When I work with you my job is to NOT make more time for you…. but to make you and your team better so that you can do exponentially more with the time you have!

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Eric Herdman, entrepreneur:  opened a start-up that went from $0 to $1,000,000 in revenue in one year.  

Eric Herdman, business coach: coached clients including Pfizer, Check Free Systems, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, and Los Angeles Housing Authority to assist them to meet their productivity goals.  


Eric Herdman, author: wrote 3 books including “Actions Speak Louder Than Words”, “No, You Suck!”, and “The Complete Guide to Managing Everything, Everyone, and Every Task”, addressing modifying workplace behaviors and improving productivity and leadership skills.

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Eric Herdman, athlete:  has completed 103 triathlons, 35 ultra-marathons and 8 marathons.  He holds the 12 hour race course record in both “Flatlanders” Saint Louis, MO, and “Race Against the Clock” in Oakland, CA, as well as the 50 mile course record in the “Valley of Fire” in Nevada. Eric has run 24 continuous hours on a treadmill racking up 131.9 miles.  

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