When companies need orchestrated human optimization solutions for their productivity & leadership problems they contact me for proven, reliable, pragmatic techniques.they can use immediately to get results so that their people can become the best versions of themselves.

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Eric Herdman orchestrates know how, for over 20 years, he has delivered keynote speeches and full day workshops across the nation, devoted to improving  productivity, grit, resilience and optimize ourselves.


Eric Herdman, entrepreneur:  opened a start-up that went from $0 to $1,000,000 in revenue in one year.  

Eric Herdman, business coach: coached clients including Pfizer, Check Free Systems, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, and Los Angeles Housing Authority to assist them to meet their productivity goals.  


Eric Herdman, author: wrote 3 books including “Actions Speak Louder Than Words”, “No, You Suck!”, and “The Complete Guide to Managing Everything, Everyone, and Every Task”, addressing modifying workplace behaviors and improving productivity and leadership skills.


Eric Herdman, athlete:  holds the 12 Hour course record in both “Flatlanders” Saint Louis, MO, and “Race Against the Clock” in Oakland, CA, as well as the 50 mile course record in the “Valley of Fire” in Nevada. 


Best speaker on this subject I’ve ever seen or heard.  Great presentation and easy to follow.  I left knowing exactly how to implement these things into my work and personal life.  
A.  Parouse
Scottsdale, Az.
Eric has a knack for taking complex topics and explaining them in a ready to use format.  He made us work for many of the good ideas we received.  He knows how to ask the right questions to get a discussion going and the answers are there.  
Jessica Vasquez
Yuma, Az.
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