There are only 2 things you need to do in order to make massive gains in your productivity, have a lower level of stress and a higher quality of life.  “(

The way I present productivity is NOT about how to do more.

The idea of hustle, grind, take on more and I’ll sleep when I’m dead mentality is not going get you where you want to be long term simply because it’s not sustainable.  I promote making the best version of yourself by doing less. Starting with less commitments.

If you are sitting in a keynote talk or a seminar I have orchestrated you’ll hear me say…

Productivity is not about doing more it’s about doing less and focusing on the right things.

That leads to a discussion on what are the right things.

There are only 2 things you need to do in order to do well in life:
– Honor every commitment you make — big or small
– Only commit to a minimum-minimum number of things.

Be absolutely obsessive about those two things, and everything else will fall into place.

Full disclosure, I didn’t always subscribe to this practice.  Running 120 miles a week, running a speaking business, putting on races and owning a retail store.  Feel my pain, yes but all were my choices. All my commitments but that’s my point. I said yes to all of those and more. However, once I shifted away from more, more and more to this new way of looking at my productivity, obligations, needs, wants and adopted this practice at an obsessive, militant level.  I was able to make massive life changing outcomes. My business, fitness, health and relationships changed for the better.

This is not to say that you should try to do the fewest number of things possible, be a slacker, a flake, and be lazy. In fact, just the opposite. When you commit to some outcome, you should do everything possible that you can to ensure you bring it about. My message is always don’t over commit.

Some tools you’ll need to have on this low commitment diet:

-The ability to say NO.  This is a must. Look at it like this.  Saying no to things gives you an opportunity (and time) to say yes to the really good stuff.  

-Stop being a people pleaser.  Become a person that other people want to be around by the way you act, communicate and behave. Don’t do things for the sole purpose of making them like you. Attract people, don’t force people.  

-Get better at making decisions and avoid making decisions is a decision fatigued state. Limit daily (big and monumental) decisions to two or three and make them within 2-4 hours of getting up in the morning.

-Identify and maximize high energy and high focus times and fill those times with meaningful, productive work. This is key because it helps you ID your highest payoff items and gets them in the right slots to make them happen.  Then block off the hours before work and mark your quitting time on your schedule. This leaves other open blocks in your day to do lower level energy and focus task level work. Once 65% of your day is filled up…STOP taking on other commitments. Just say NO.  Thanks Nancy.

-Work has specific obligations we must deliver on.  Focus on the meaningful work. Work that makes a difference. Work that moves you towards completing a project. To help you with this do an 80/20 analysis. This law states that 20% of your efforts (should) give you 80% of your results.  Personally, pay careful attention to what you like to do and don’t like to do. Only say yes to the things you like to do. My new motto is if it’s not a hell yes, then it’s a hell no! Life is way short to be doing things we don’t like or want to do.

Hell yes!

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Published by Eric Herdman

Eric Herdman is an accomplished speaker, business leader, coach and facilitator, who has been speaking professionally in-person for almost 3 decades and as a virtual presenter for nearly 4 years. During his presentations Eric will entertain, inform, educate, and engage your audiences into action. Herdman is an innovator in helping others grow. Working with audiences and individuals and building his speaking business have been at the core of what Eric does, since he started speaking professionally in 1996. Eric has also experienced the start-up and development side of business when in late 2004, he raised the $1,000,000 necessary to open a startup called “Red Rock Running Company.” He grew the business into one of the largest specialty retailers in the southwestern United States market, with exponential growth. Eric is dedicated to orchestrating know-how. As a business owner and leader, his staff was trained and empowered to make decisions and deliver an excellent customer experience. His innovative advertising and social media networking efforts exposed niches for growing his customer base and filling their needs. As an International Professional Speaker, Eric’s clients include one of the world's largest franchise health club chains. He is well-known for his know-how in servicing customers and training staff and helped them reach a $20,000 increase in revenue in the first month of using his strategy. He works with a variety of clients from multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical companies to top financial institutions to national associations and government agencies. Eric has published several books including “Actions Speak Louder Than Words,” and “The Complete Guide to Managing Everything, Everyone and Every Task.” Most recently, Eric’s “Time, Energy, and Focus” book has been expanded online as a Masterclass. For over 38 years Eric has walked the talk as a competitive ultra-endurance athlete, competing in 103 triathlons, 6 marathons and 35 ultra marathons. Eric holds the 12-hour course record at both “Flatlanders” race and “Race Against the Clock” as well as the 50-mile course record in the “Valley of Fire” race. He has also competed in many 24 hour races, including the "Ultimate Treadmill Challenge" where he raced for 24 hours on a treadmill. Whether you’re looking to strategically position your business, get more from your team, or get into shape, Herdman has the style and leadership to help you and your team achieve top-level success. For more on Eric’s programs email or text/call us at 702-553-7802.

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