Force Multipliers

Wednesday night I gave a presentation that started at 6pm. That’s a late start time for a presentation thats going to last 4 hours. As many of you know most the talks I give start earlier in the day.

In my recent book “Time. Energy. Focus. How to do the right things at the right time for YOU!” You learn how to use Force Multipliers when you have to do something that requires high energy and focus outside of your natural biological energy and focus time. Last night I deployed a series of Force Multipliers so that I could trick my body and brain into thinking that it was my natural biological high energy and focused time.

Here are just a few of the Force Multipliers I used:

✔️Fasting until the presentation over. I do this every morning before and during keynotes and talks.

✔️I didn’t expose myself to natural sunlight for the three hours before the seminar. It’s dark out when I get up before my talks this was a way to simulate and stimulate my circadian rhythm.

✔️I got ready for the event as if it were the morning, just like my normal morning routine. Including a 5 minute ice cold shower. Brrrrrrr!

✔️I did have coffee (I limited coffee in the morning, that was not fun but necessary) as if it were the morning of a talk but since I would need to sleep as soon as I finished their program. I accompanied every 100 milligrams of caffeine I consumed with an equal dose of L-theanine

What are your Force Multipliers? Please comment with them below. I’d love to see what you do to bring out the best version of you.

For more on how to maximize your Time. Energy. Focus. Discovering more about YOUR Force Multipliers. Check out the new eBook and Video Training Course. It’s available here.

By Eric Herdman

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