The Power Of A Question About TIME. ENERGY. FOCUS.

I have been speaking to a lot of groups the past 30 days and I am out doing even more the next 6 weeks. The early feedback on the book is great. I would be feeding you a load of crap if I said I didn’t love the comments and sales.

However, recently I was at a speaking event and lady came up top me on a break and asked me a questions. The questions is not even important. What is important is that I had been teaching the group the power of using their ENERGY and FOCUS to prioritize the tasks and projects they have. Her question was one of the strongest indicators (feedback) that my content on TIME. ENERGY. FOCUS. Not only works but it’s presented in a way that people get it. Not that they wouldn’t. It’s my job to make sure its packaged and presented in a way that makes them get it.

It’s about YOU! The way you were designed to work and produce creative and analytical work.

It’s not about the book, the videos, the worksheets. That was the magical part of this moment in talking with her. Is that she took one of the basic tenets of ENERGY and was really trying to own it and have it work for her, effortlessly as it should to make her the best she could be.

We spent just 10 minutes talking and wow she is going to move from a very highly productive person to super charged productive person overnight. As I write this its 4:48AM and I am wondering how great her morning is going. I discovered she begins her day at 4am and would be making these changes we discussed between the hours of 4-5am today.

Again, thank you for the nice comments and purchases of the TIME. ENERGY. FOCUS. eBook and Video Course. I am grateful. As you can see the thing that lights me up is when I see you use the techniques and totally maximize yourself. That is the best feeling.

It’s time to supercharge YOU!

Because of the power of her question and the outcome we created. I want to offer you this. Invest the $39.95 for TIME. ENERGY. FOCUS. eBook and Video Course. When you do this I will give you a FREE 30 minute Skype, phone call or FaceTIme call with me. (I normally charge $509.00 for an hour call of this type.) Where you can ask me anything about how YOU can maximize yourself. This offer will be good until midnight Friday, March 6th. On top of the one-on-one FREE 30 minute call. Once you purchase the system and eBook. You Click here and use this discount code FREE30 and you’ll get an additional 25% off the $39.95 price.

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