The top things to NOT say at work.

Don’t say these things at work… if you do please stop!

For the research, Morar Consulting surveyed 1,061 US employees working in offices with at least 5 people. They got “a small monetary incentive” for participating.

Curious about what other jargon the respondents identified really didn’t like? Take these from the survey. We provided the translations.

(Whatever you do don’t say #3 and #5. Please no!)

Here is the list… check yourself below…

1. Blue-sky thinking

Thinking creatively.

2. In the weeds

Too detailed.

3. Net-net

When you add up the pros and cons, this is the answer.

4. Synergize


5. Datafication

Add numbers to improve the analysis.

6. Operationalize

Put into action.

7. Let’s parking lot this


8. Siloed thinking

Forgetting to consider the impact on other teams or parts of the company.

9. Recontextualize

Let’s stop thinking of it this way and think about it this other way.

10. It’s time to eat a reality sandwich

Back to the real world for a second.

11. It’s time to put the soup through the strainer

There’s a lot of junk here we don’t need.


Full research and article here at 12 ridiculous phrases smart people avoid at work


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