Neuroscience Tell Us You’ll Be Happier, Reduce Stressed and Light The World on Fire with Productivity When You Stop Doing This.

Stop Complaining …

The author of my all time favorite book. ‘Mans Search For Meaning” Viktor E. Frankl says…

Between stimulus and response there is space.
In that space is our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

If something bad happens, You get to choose how you’ll respond.

If something goes wrong, you get to choose how you’ll respond.

If someone does something you don’t like, you get to choose how you’ll respond.

If somebody posts some BS that you get an emotional charge (stimulus) from, you get to choose how you respond.

That’s an underlying premise of Stoicism:

While you can never control everything that happens, you can always control how you respond.

The next time something goes wrong, don’t waste time complaining. Put that same effort into making the situation better.

Even if you have that conversation only with yourself. In fact, I recommend to all of my audiences start by having this conversation with yourself. Nobody else give a crap.

Practice how you’ll respond and in time you’ll build up neural pathways that make responding that way even easier.

In effect, being positive will become a skill — one you built through deep, deliberate practice.

But don’t stop there. When the people around you complain, definitely listen–but then help them focus on helping them find ways to improve the situation. 

However, remember we cannot control other people. So after offering some helping advise if they don’t respond – let that shit go.


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