Why Time Management Almost Always Fails For People…

Many of you know I don’t use the words “time management.” Those words are forbidden in my talks because… number one it’s a misleading lie. The words time management make people think they will be or are in control of their time. They are not. We can not control time. We CAN control or choices about time. We CAN control our bodies (to some degree) across a span of time like our workday.

Pursuing productivity for its own sake is counter-productive. This self-imposed pressure is the reason why many people get frustrated with time-management tools. Most of them have been written with this unstated ideology that you have to outperform yourself all the time.

In another words. Why time management fails people is because:

Time management as a single idea is not sustainable!

Eric Herdman Is a Professional Speaker and Author. When companies need orchestrated human optimization solutions for their productivity & leadership problems they contact me for proven, reliable, pragmatic techniques.

This article was written and fueled by: priming my brain with 42 article before writing. Time restricted feeding. Lions mane added to my cold brew coffee. The right environment for this work Starbucks. Binaural Beats playing in my headphones. It’s the right TIME for this work. The right ENERGY cycle and my FOCUS was optimized to be awesome. His newest book is all about getting the right things done at the right time. For more info on how to do this to yourself. Visit here.

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