21 Awesome questions great leaders ask the people they lead.

Get a real check in on things…

1. How are you feeling about your role?

2. What is favorite thing about your work right now?

3. How can I help you do more of that?

4. What is your least favorite thing–and how is that affecting your performance?

5. What areas of your job make you feel like you’re stuck?

6. If you could work on anything next month, what would it be?

7. What would you like more feedback on?

Learn more about a project

8. What do you think I should know about the project but might not?

9. What aspect of this project has been particularly interesting?

10. What has caused you the most frustration?

11. What steps can I take to support your success on this project?

Address challenges

12. What is the biggest challenge you’re facing right now?

13. What have you tried so far to address this issue?

14. What ideas can you bring in from past successes?

15. What haven’t you attempted yet that you’d like to try?

16. Are there any obstacles to that approach I can help you with?

Support career development

17. What are some of the projects you’re most proud of?

18. What are two or three skills that would help you be more successful?

19. What other roles/responsibilities would you like to explore?

Improve future meetings

20. What do you like about these one-on-one meetings?

21. What would you like to see us change about these discussions?

Published by Eric Herdman

Eric Herdman is an accomplished speaker, business leader, coach and facilitator, who has been speaking professionally in-person for almost 3 decades and as a virtual presenter for nearly 4 years. During his presentations Eric will entertain, inform, educate, and engage your audiences into action. Herdman is an innovator in helping others grow. Working with audiences and individuals and building his speaking business have been at the core of what Eric does, since he started speaking professionally in 1996. Eric has also experienced the start-up and development side of business when in late 2004, he raised the $1,000,000 necessary to open a startup called “Red Rock Running Company.” He grew the business into one of the largest specialty retailers in the southwestern United States market, with exponential growth. Eric is dedicated to orchestrating know-how. As a business owner and leader, his staff was trained and empowered to make decisions and deliver an excellent customer experience. His innovative advertising and social media networking efforts exposed niches for growing his customer base and filling their needs. As an International Professional Speaker, Eric’s clients include one of the world's largest franchise health club chains. He is well-known for his know-how in servicing customers and training staff and helped them reach a $20,000 increase in revenue in the first month of using his strategy. He works with a variety of clients from multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical companies to top financial institutions to national associations and government agencies. Eric has published several books including “Actions Speak Louder Than Words,” and “The Complete Guide to Managing Everything, Everyone and Every Task.” Most recently, Eric’s “Time, Energy, and Focus” book has been expanded online as a Masterclass. For over 38 years Eric has walked the talk as a competitive ultra-endurance athlete, competing in 103 triathlons, 6 marathons and 35 ultra marathons. Eric holds the 12-hour course record at both “Flatlanders” race and “Race Against the Clock” as well as the 50-mile course record in the “Valley of Fire” race. He has also competed in many 24 hour races, including the "Ultimate Treadmill Challenge" where he raced for 24 hours on a treadmill. Whether you’re looking to strategically position your business, get more from your team, or get into shape, Herdman has the style and leadership to help you and your team achieve top-level success. For more on Eric’s programs email gail@ericherdman.com or text/call us at 702-553-7802.