Understanding sleep chronotypes and how knowing yours could help you…

In my experience working with high performers for the past 25 years most high performance individuals know their own chronotype.

Most know I’m a morning person, afternoon person or evening person.

Being sure is crucial to getting the most out of yourself day after day.

Here is a very accurate (short of a 23 and me DNA test) online quiz that will determine your chronotype.

Click here to visit AutoMEQ the quiz site.

I encourage you to reach out to me after you take your quiz so we can discuss maximizing your chronotype. Email me and mention you took the MEQ quiz and we will set a FREE 30-minute maximizing session.


You are working more hours WFH

We log longer hours. We attend more meetings with more people. And, we send more emails.

From New York City to Tel Aviv, the telecommuting revolution has meant a lot more work, according to a study of 3.1 million people at more than 21,000 companies across 16 cities in North America, Europe and the Middle East.

The researchers compared employee behavior over two 8 week periods before and after Covid-19 lockdowns. Looking at email and meeting meta-data, the group calculated the workday lasted 48.5 minutes longer, the number of meetings increased about 13% and people sent an average of 1.4 more emails per day to their colleagues.