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What are your MIT’s for the day?

Grind. Hustle.

Sleep less.

Do more.

Constant sacrifice.

Just to get things done is total BS.

You need to make the executive decision to do and complete two (2) Most Important Tasks everyday. Yes! Just two. I know you have 714 tasks. Some of them a low level, low energy, low focus tasks like water the plants and refill the stapler. That’s busy crap work. Not meaningful work.

MIT’s move the needle on progress.

By deeming two tasks MIT’s they rise to the highest level of task work. Then you can tap into the best time, highest energy and laser like focus time you have available to get these MIT’s done!

Take some action NOW!

Try it out.

  1. Pick two task.
  2. Make the commitment that they are MIT’s
  3. Place them in your day where they WILL get completed. Use my Time. Energy. Focus. Chart to determine the highest and best use of your time, energy and focus.
  4. Make it happen!

For a comprehensive course on how to use these three highly available optimizing determiners – TIME. ENERGY. FOCUS.

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Dominate Your Day

Why Do You Need A Complex Solution To A Problem When A Simple One Will Fix It?

Why Do You Need A Complex Solution To A Problem When A Simple One Will Fix It?

As a Professional Speaker and Corporate Trainer I get the chance to observe many massive changes in peoples productivity and workflow. However, I am always amazed at what people do when they are given a fix, solution and answer to a problem.

In the spirit of full transparency. I am a reformed control freak and over-thinker. Fixing these issues gives me some license to write and speak about my observations below. My hope is to offer you some solace from the bondage of being an overthinking control freak and implement simple solutions.

No doubt many problems are complex, multi-layered and bothersome. However, I have discovered over the past 23 years of working in this industry that no matter the complexity of the problem almost all of the solutions to the problems are simple. It’s as simple as don’t do that. Start doing this… Just as the famous quote says “just do it” but they don’t. When I sense that the (easy) solution is not going to be implemented that second I explore why?

How to implement a simple fix to a complex problem requires a few things. First, determining if you can control it and making it hard to screw up the solution.

One of the most common obstacles in implementing a simple solution is trying to control things we can’t. He’s a little help.

Running things through the control decision filter looks like this.

As you can see running these through the decision filter you get two possible outcomes. Let it go or do something about it. If social media is disruptive to you or chews up a ton of your time then delete the social media account offenders. If you are worrying about what other people think. Let it go – you cannot control third parties and people. Ruminating and overthinking. Again, through the filter it goes. It you say I can do this and handle it, then do it now. If you can control it – let is go now!

Simple right?

It is. That’s all there is to it. Another common obstacles in adopting a simple solution is wanting a complex and dense solution.

We discount solutions that lack complexity and density. I’ve found that sometimes it’s that people want to be beautiful unique snowflakes and a simple fix is to general for them. They need the density of a solution to un pack to make them feel special. You want to feel special rescue a dog from the shelter and watch how they treat you when you come home from a long day at work. There… you’re special. Feel it?

Make it hard to mess up and simple fix.

Some fixes require friction or self-imposed barriers to carry out the solution. Friction makes it hard to screw up a simple solution. You identify you have a slight peanut butter overconsumption problem. The massive amounts of nut butter you shovel down your gullet is making you fat. Hmmmmm what do you do? I’d say, don’t buy any more peanut butter and delete the @I ❤️ peanut butter account from your Instagram app (self-imposed barrier). Problem solved. You say, no my kids need peanut butter for their school lunches. I understand. Then buy it and have them hide it (friction). Every morning when you get ready to make their lunches they bring it to you. After you make the lunches they hide it again.

Now, you try it.

Take a problem run it through the decision filter. If you can’t control it then let it go. If you can control it. Look for a solution and implement it now. Apply a self-imposed barrier or friction. There you go. All better.


The Power Of A Question About TIME. ENERGY. FOCUS.

I have been speaking to a lot of groups the past 30 days and I am out doing even more the next 6 weeks. The early feedback on the book is great. I would be feeding you a load of crap if I said I didn’t love the comments and sales.

However, recently I was at a speaking event and lady came up top me on a break and asked me a questions. The questions is not even important. What is important is that I had been teaching the group the power of using their ENERGY and FOCUS to prioritize the tasks and projects they have. Her question was one of the strongest indicators (feedback) that my content on TIME. ENERGY. FOCUS. Not only works but it’s presented in a way that people get it. Not that they wouldn’t. It’s my job to make sure its packaged and presented in a way that makes them get it.

It’s about YOU! The way you were designed to work and produce creative and analytical work.

It’s not about the book, the videos, the worksheets. That was the magical part of this moment in talking with her. Is that she took one of the basic tenets of ENERGY and was really trying to own it and have it work for her, effortlessly as it should to make her the best she could be.

We spent just 10 minutes talking and wow she is going to move from a very highly productive person to super charged productive person overnight. As I write this its 4:48AM and I am wondering how great her morning is going. I discovered she begins her day at 4am and would be making these changes we discussed between the hours of 4-5am today.

Again, thank you for the nice comments and purchases of the TIME. ENERGY. FOCUS. eBook and Video Course. I am grateful. As you can see the thing that lights me up is when I see you use the techniques and totally maximize yourself. That is the best feeling.

It’s time to supercharge YOU!

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Force Multipliers

Wednesday night I gave a presentation that started at 6pm. That’s a late start time for a presentation thats going to last 4 hours. As many of you know most the talks I give start earlier in the day.

In my recent book “Time. Energy. Focus. How to do the right things at the right time for YOU!” You learn how to use Force Multipliers when you have to do something that requires high energy and focus outside of your natural biological energy and focus time. Last night I deployed a series of Force Multipliers so that I could trick my body and brain into thinking that it was my natural biological high energy and focused time.

Here are just a few of the Force Multipliers I used:

✔️Fasting until the presentation over. I do this every morning before and during keynotes and talks.

✔️I didn’t expose myself to natural sunlight for the three hours before the seminar. It’s dark out when I get up before my talks this was a way to simulate and stimulate my circadian rhythm.

✔️I got ready for the event as if it were the morning, just like my normal morning routine. Including a 5 minute ice cold shower. Brrrrrrr!

✔️I did have coffee (I limited coffee in the morning, that was not fun but necessary) as if it were the morning of a talk but since I would need to sleep as soon as I finished their program. I accompanied every 100 milligrams of caffeine I consumed with an equal dose of L-theanine

What are your Force Multipliers? Please comment with them below. I’d love to see what you do to bring out the best version of you.

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By Eric Herdman


What is the number one thing I can do to optimize myself?

I had a talk recently and I was asked during a group discussion how do you describe what you do?

This has been something I’ve been working on with a great speaker, presenter and business coach Laurie Richards.  Laurie has made herself very valuable to her clients as an insightful communication problem solver.  One of her many talents and skills is that she helps them discover a powerful “what I do” statement (those are my words not her’s).

I tell you that, to tell you this.  Back to the group I was working with. I replied.  When companies and associations needs orchestrated solutions in the area of leadership, productivity and human optimization so that their people can become the best versions of themselves they contact me for proven, reliable techniques that their people can apply immediately and get results.  

What happens in their heads is this… Problem (lack of productivity)  + (Eric’s) Reliable techniques = Immediate results (Their people are now getting things done)

This almost always prompts another question.  That question is what is the number one thing I can do to optimize myself? (to be my best, more productive, a better leader, etc…)

I always reply back just one thing?  Meaning there are many things that need to be done to optimize a human. They say oh yeah, I’m sure there are many but what’s the number one things I can do?  I say sleep. Sleep more and sleep better. With a puzzled look they alway reply… sleep? Sleep really!? I say yep. You asked for the one thing and that’s it. If you try and work with the granular things when you don’t have the 800 pound gorilla in the room handled none of the small stuff will count. It’s like diet advice. If you have a potato chip problem and over eat them all the time. My advice is don’t buy the chips. Problem solved.

I’m not suggesting something I don’t practice or observe. I do this with my sleep. I am obsessed with getting awesome sleep and I prioritize it. An example of this is… I have alarms set to stop caffeine.  I have another alarm set to stop working, shut down my laptop, electronic devices, phone and relax. Another for me to put my blue blocker glasses on. Doing things that stimulate you such as caffeine, strenuous exercise, arguments, TV shows, movies, news and thinking about stressors is like buying and eating the chips.  The whole bag of chips. Waiting to just get tired and thinking about going to bed is still having the potato chips. Have an alarm (better yet an evening routine) to stop doing things that keep us awake and get ready to sleep is on par with not buying the chips.

Set an alarm.

Don’t buy the chips

Set yourself you for success by focusing on the big ROI things first.  

After you do that. We should talk. It’s then time to work on the hundreds of other strategies that can and will make you a better optimized human.  


There are only 2 things you need to do in order to make massive gains in your productivity, have a lower level of stress and a higher quality of life. “(

The way I present productivity is NOT about how to do more.

The idea of hustle, grind, take on more and I’ll sleep when I’m dead mentality is not going get you where you want to be long term simply because it’s not sustainable.  I promote making the best version of yourself by doing less. Starting with less commitments.

If you are sitting in a keynote talk or a seminar I have orchestrated you’ll hear me say…

Productivity is not about doing more it’s about doing less and focusing on the right things.

That leads to a discussion on what are the right things.

There are only 2 things you need to do in order to do well in life:
– Honor every commitment you make — big or small
– Only commit to a minimum-minimum number of things.

Be absolutely obsessive about those two things, and everything else will fall into place.

Full disclosure, I didn’t always subscribe to this practice.  Running 120 miles a week, running a speaking business, putting on races and owning a retail store.  Feel my pain, yes but all were my choices. All my commitments but that’s my point. I said yes to all of those and more. However, once I shifted away from more, more and more to this new way of looking at my productivity, obligations, needs, wants and adopted this practice at an obsessive, militant level.  I was able to make massive life changing outcomes. My business, fitness, health and relationships changed for the better.

This is not to say that you should try to do the fewest number of things possible, be a slacker, a flake, and be lazy. In fact, just the opposite. When you commit to some outcome, you should do everything possible that you can to ensure you bring it about. My message is always don’t over commit.

Some tools you’ll need to have on this low commitment diet:

-The ability to say NO.  This is a must. Look at it like this.  Saying no to things gives you an opportunity (and time) to say yes to the really good stuff.  

-Stop being a people pleaser.  Become a person that other people want to be around by the way you act, communicate and behave. Don’t do things for the sole purpose of making them like you. Attract people, don’t force people.  

-Get better at making decisions and avoid making decisions is a decision fatigued state. Limit daily (big and monumental) decisions to two or three and make them within 2-4 hours of getting up in the morning.

-Identify and maximize high energy and high focus times and fill those times with meaningful, productive work. This is key because it helps you ID your highest payoff items and gets them in the right slots to make them happen.  Then block off the hours before work and mark your quitting time on your schedule. This leaves other open blocks in your day to do lower level energy and focus task level work. Once 65% of your day is filled up…STOP taking on other commitments. Just say NO.  Thanks Nancy.

-Work has specific obligations we must deliver on.  Focus on the meaningful work. Work that makes a difference. Work that moves you towards completing a project. To help you with this do an 80/20 analysis. This law states that 20% of your efforts (should) give you 80% of your results.  Personally, pay careful attention to what you like to do and don’t like to do. Only say yes to the things you like to do. My new motto is if it’s not a hell yes, then it’s a hell no! Life is way short to be doing things we don’t like or want to do.

Hell yes!

For help on this DM me or check out my TIME. ENERGY. FOCUS. Ebook and Video Course.

Dominate Your Day

How to Overcome Negative Beliefs By Journaling

How to use your journal to overcome negative thoughts. As mentioned in my seminars.