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This one thing will keep you from getting hired.

This is just one of many things that may keep you from getting that new job!

During my leadership seminars we discuss the hiring process. So that the participants leave with a step by step interview checklist.

I’ve been asked are there any… okay we are done here moments durning an interview. The interview is over because of something they did or didn’t do and you have to say that it we are done here!?

There are many but here is an example of just one.

Read the CEO’s letter or reports.

Jamie Dimon recently published his 2019 Chairman’s Letter. I have read all 52-pages and I’m not even looking for a job at the bank. Speaking to a class of graduate business students at Stanford University, Dimon says you’d be surprised at how many job candidates don’t read the letter which he puts out every year.

Some people walk into your office…and they didn’t bother to read the Chairman’s letter that I wrote, which is 30 or 40 pages long. There are people who say, ‘you know you really should think about doing better digital services, but they don’t know about the ones we do.

The CEOs of publicly-traded companies must publish their insights and forecasts in annual reports. Some, like Dimon, go even further and offer deeper insights into macro-economic events that impact their companies. If you’re a leader, reading Dimon’s letter will make you smarter. If you’re looking for a job at the bank, readings Dimon’s letter will set you apart from the other candidates.

Read every page of a CEO’s letter before a job interview.

Bonus tip! Look at the rest of their website while you are looking for the CEO’s letter.

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Do not disturb doesn’t work. You might want to go to the next level.

Do not disturb doesn’t work. You might want to go to the next level.

The gloom and doom of our phones are destructive to our work, relationships and our mental health.

I’m sure you know it’s ruining your work by the constant notifications, the FOMO that you cannot control and the attention residue it causes.

As for our mental health. How is my smartphone hurting me in this area.

Check this out.

It Distorts Our Perception Of Reality…

How many times have you heard people mention things like this:

“The world is total $hit.”

“Did you see that horrible story on social media?”

“The world is coming to an end.”

“I cannot believe they are going on a vacation again!”

Our smartphones in combination with social media has the ability to distort the users perception. The reason for this is because the media is biased of course and whatever bleeds, leads.

Now, this is one of those aspects of where you have to decide does your phone and social media use you or do you use it? Unfortunately, most people let the use of this tool impact them in a negative way and are totally clueless on how destructive this actually is.

DND didn’t work.

I tried DND (do not disturb). That still let people and some notifications in. Then, I switched to airplane mode. Cutting off all communication in or out.

What a great feeling.

I turn it on-

-When I am speaking

-With clients


-Working out

-When I’m working and need to focus

I can hear it now. I can’t do that.

Can’t means won’t.

You can… just flip it on and it’s done!

The problems with our phones and social media are complex I’ll give you that. However, the solution is easy, simple and fast.


What do the happiest people do?

University of California professor details the things research shows what the happiest people have in common.

The happiest people do the following…..

1. They devote a great amount of time to their family and friends, nurturing and enjoying those relationships.

2. They are comfortable expressing gratitude for all they have.

3. They are often the first to offer helping hands to coworkers and passersby.

4. They practice optimism when imagining their futures.

5. They savor life’s pleasures and try to live in the present moment.

6. They make physical exercise a weekly and even daily habit.

7. They are deeply committed to lifelong goals and ambitions.

8. Last but not least, the happiest people do have their share of stresses, crises, and even tragedies. They may become just as distressed and emotional in such circumstances as you or I, but their secret weapon is the poise and strength they show in coping in the face of challenge.


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The Power Of The Brain Dump

Those of you that have been through my Time. Energy. Focus. – eBook and Video training series discovered the power of the “brain dump.” This is the study that I site that backs up just one of the 5 main benefits of the brain dump.

Click image to read the study


Is printing hurting your productivity. Check these tools/apps/services out for some help.

When I open up a productivity seminar I ask the seminar participants to play a game call “Let me feel your pain.” In short they get to unload their biggest productivity killer and sources of pain in and around productivity. In a recent seminar one attendee said my biggest pain is printing, managing the printing and I’d like to batch it or have a faster way to do all of the printing.

Hope one of these helps…

Print conductor


Print IQ

Silent Print

PDF element

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To become superhuman you’ll want to: Think lazy, do the easiest thing and probably only need to do one thing.

But that one easy to do lazy thinking one thing could do wonders for you.

I get into protracted discussion in seminars, on airplanes and sometimes standing in line for a coffee about how to “hack” you.

In other words how to make you a better version of you.

Super-human performance has ALWAYS fascinated me since the age of 11. That’s the age Rick Forman, my next door neighbor call me FAT! I asked him a question I have asked all top performers. You see, Rick was a top performer. He was fast (sprinting and distance speeds were awesome). He was lean. Yes, he was 16 but still he kept himself that way. He was always active and moving around. So a top performer in a teenage kinda way.

The question I asked him was…

What would you do if you were me and fat? He quickly replied… push myself away from the table before I was full and run with me everyday. So I did just that and it worked like a dream.

Simple right?

Yes it was. Easy to understand. I knew exactly what to do. I just implemented. Done!

That was 1978 sage advise then and now by the way. But… Back to present day.

On a recent airplane trip I was in a conversation about bio hacking and hacking everything a human could do to themselves. This went on for two hours and thirty-five minutes of the whole way from Seattle to Las Vegas.

The end result of the conversation was… wow she said so much to try and do. I said yes but you didn’t ask me the right question yet. I know all of the hacks and tricks but you ARE NOT READY for cold showers, caffeine naps, light exposure, Myo-sets in the gym or an intermittent fasting ketogenic carb cycling, paleo carnivore eating plan YET!

What’s the secret then?

What! Why not she protested? What is the question then? “What would you do if you were me?” I just spent over 2 hours getting to know this person. I discovered that yes, she could of benefitted from all of the hacks we discussed but only marginally. There was one thing that she disclosed to me that she needed to do first. This need to be handled before any of the other optimizations would make a difference. Do this one easy thing and you will multiply your productivity, health, cognitive functions and look better by doing so…

What she said. Tell me! What would you do if you were me?

I replied, prioritize this above all else. Make this happen everyday. Start and end it the same time everyday and try to get eight hours of it and you will be amazed of the results.

She said are you talking about…..?


This article was written and fueled by: priming my brain with 38 article before writing. Time restricted feeding. Lion mane added to my cold brew coffee. The right environment-for this work Starbucks. Binaural Beats playing in my headphones. It’s the right TIME for this work. The right ENERGY cycle and my FOCUS was optimized to be awesome. For more info on how to do this to yourself click here