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Stop trying to be prefect!

Stop the perfectionistic tendencies!

Manage your own expectations of what perfect is!

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The Social Production Collective and FOMO

Microsoft has unveiled two new Power Apps to add to its Teams online collaboration package, with Bulletins and Milestones arriving as line-of-business applications for Dataverse for Teams. 

Microsoft has just added two key tools to Teams. If I have had the privilege to speak to you over the past 12 months you’ll remember we spoke of the Social Productive Collective (S.P.C.) and the fear of missing out (F.O.M.O.).

You discovered the the SPC is a driver of productivity in and out #WFH of the workplace. Now Teams has Milestones and Bulletins added to Teams. It’s about damn time Bill.

Ive spoken about the need to create the SPC “feel,” “driver,” and “pressure” while we are all working from home #WFH. Milestones does this perfectly.

“Milestones improve collaboration for these cross-functional teams by creating a central place to track status and updates. This app can be pinned to the team’s channel or on the left rail for easy access.”


You’ll remember from our webinar #Nar that the SPC is made up of may tools and drivers. However, Milestones is a huge tool. It does some heavy-lifting. Use it. Today. In addition to meetings, virtual huddle ups, one on one meeting #touchpoints and other accountability tools you are (should be) using to create the SPC.

Bulletins, as the name suggests, is about keeping work teams informed as they’re working remotely during COVID times.

“Keeping your team informed of the latest company news and information is critical in normal times – even more so when team members are working remotely during the pandemic.”


Remember the part of my talk #Nar where we were discussing the virtual townhall that all leaders are (should be) doing over a month. Bulletins is a real time, daily, weekly tool to scratch the itch of FOMO. Your team member feel FOMO at an oppressive level working remotely – when time were good, normal or whatever they want to call it 2 to 5 years ago. I’ve worked with remote, #WFH teams sine 1996. FOMO was a big deal then (No, we did not call it FOMO. Thank you social media for giving us a pithy acronym) it’s a bigger deal NOW that almost all of us are working remotely and communication is asynchronous.

Download. Install. Implement and Get after it today!

-Written by Get Get After It Specialists Eric Herdman

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