Microsoft may have found the answer to the “you’re on mute” problem.

A new Microsoft Teams feature may help fix the program. A sound-to-be-released function on Microsoft’s video-calling system will allow users to hold down two buttons (ctrl + spacebar) to temporarily unmute themselves and speak when video conferencing. As soon as the person lets go of the buttons, they will be muted again, making the experience akinContinue reading “Microsoft may have found the answer to the “you’re on mute” problem.”

Analog vs digital to do lists.

I don’t look at it as a versus. I have a different methodology for task and to do management. This article is good for answering these two questions. 1. Where will I dump my to do’s? 2. Where will I place them to find, prioritize and manage what I work on? Start your thinking here.Continue reading “Analog vs digital to do lists.”