No Webinar Fatigue Here!

Are you providing your organization, teams and people with training seminars?

If not, you are behind!

Why do you provide seminars, training and conferences for your staff or team?

The WHY we provide training is still the same!

It’s the HOW that has to change.


Why do we do training and have conferences…

To learn. 

To fix issues. 

To collaborate.

To solve problems. 

To get new information. 

To communicate with others. 

Same answers 10 years ago, 5 years ago, 4 months ago, and today.  


How we do training seminars and events!

I went out to dinner last week for the first time in almost 3 months.  I have to admit I was scared.  Afraid.  Concerned. Maybe just a bit anxious. “Come on,” I told myself, “it will be okay.  Don’t be scared.” 

Hmmmm.  No, that didn’t work… I was scared.  

It was a bit strange.

  • Reservations only.  
  • No waiting in the lobby.  
  • Servers with masks on. 
  • Empty tables between guests as a way to provide social distancing.
  • The menu was on our phones so we didn’t have to touch menus touched by others.
  • Everybody keeping an eye on everybody else – sizing each other up like we all had the plague. 
  • Not to mention most people looked scared to death.  From the fear of catching a deadly virus. 

This is the prevailing fear across the country if not the world.

Let’s cut to the chase!  This is the harsh reality.  

Nobody is going to be okay with sitting in a conference or meeting room with 100 coworkers or strangers for a half day or full day training for a long time. 


If they are FORCED to sit in that room you’d have to ask yourself are they paying attention to the presentation or worried about being the latest victim of the pandemic. 

Book a conference room. Social distance them. 

Let’s think this through.  If you have just 30 people that need to attend a training seminar you’ll need a room that will hold 100-120 people to allow for social distancing. Do you have 100 attendees? You’ll need a room that will hold at least 300 people. In many locations, masks are required (or at least highly recommended) indoors. So now you need to book a room 3x as large as you would normally use and have your attendees sit in masks for 6 hours while they are participating in their training.

The solution is easy and simple.  

Don’t get them together in person. 

Don’t make them resent you for making them sit in a meeting room. Nope. 

Not in the same close confined space.  

But isn’t there another way?

Can’t we get together without being in the same physical space?

YES!! You CAN get together,


If so, please respond to this post now!


A few seconds of a 3 hour webinar training. Eric during a live webinar training for a client. What are some of the benefits of conducting your training in a virtual meeting room?

It is safe.

Free of contact with others.

No risk of catching something. Not just the current nastiness but the flu or a cold.  

No worry if we should shake hands, fist bump or (yuck) have to hug “that person” that always wants to hug you! 

Your team will be free to focus on the content and the presentation.

I have been conducting virtual training sessions for the last three months via Zoom, Adobe Connect, Go To Webinar and Microsoft Teams, or if there is another platform you wish to use, I will make myself available on that as well.

Aren’t familiar with these programs yet? I can also do a training session for you or your staff on how to utilize them.

Medical experts say this situation won’t be disappearing anytime soon, and will likely continue to be an issue for at least the next year and a half.  Meeting planners are telling people not to expect a fully functioning/back to normal return until at least first quarter 2021. Are you willing to wait that long to train your staff?

If everyone is doing their jobs remotely, shouldn’t they be doing their training remotely as well???

Is the cost of virtual training the same as a live seminar?


Live seminars incur additional costs beyond the speaker fees, due to travel costs. With a virtual seminar, since I don’t have to travel to see you, you don’t have to pay those fees! If you were holding back on scheduling a live seminar before because you weren’t sure there was money in the budget, now is the time to schedule while you can receive a substantial discount.

Are you convinced you have to do virtual training?

If you ARE… reply to this post and we will set a time to talk about your next virtual training. And, for a limited time only,

You can experience all the bells and whistles of a virtual training…for FREE!

The delivery, PowerPoint presentation, polling, whiteboards for brainstorming, hand-raising, the chat function and features for questions and answers and collaboration with me and the other seminar participants. 

Be one of the first 25 to reply to this post and say ”Let’s go virtual!” and I will schedule a FREE 1-hour webinar exclusively with you and your team with the topic of your choice.

Once you respond to this post you will receive a topic list. Pick your topic. Choose your date and time. That’s it. My team will then create your PDF workbook for the training as well as a unique and secure link to the webinar to share with the attendees. It’s that simple.

If you are NOT… that’s okay too! If your staff feels ready to participate in live in-person training sessions, I would be happy to schedule a live event! Please email or text us and we will schedule your live event and I will be there in person.

All set!  Let’s go!  

What are you waiting for?

Email or text (702-805-4805) us and let’s go virtual (or live, if you prefer!)

I will see you at your training!


Eric Herdman

Certified Webinar Instructor & Virtual Presenter

** Behind the scenes video:

Text and Office – (702) 805-4805

Email –

What is the number one thing I can do to optimize myself?

I had a talk recently and I was asked during a group discussion how do you describe what you do?

This has been something I’ve been working on with a great speaker, presenter and business coach Laurie Richards.  Laurie has made herself very valuable to her clients as an insightful communication problem solver.  One of her many talents and skills is that she helps them discover a powerful “what I do” statement (those are my words not her’s).

I tell you that, to tell you this.  Back to the group I was working with. I replied.  When companies and associations needs orchestrated solutions in the area of leadership, productivity and human optimization so that their people can become the best versions of themselves they contact me for proven, reliable techniques that their people can apply immediately and get results.  

What happens in their heads is this… Problem (lack of productivity)  + (Eric’s) Reliable techniques = Immediate results (Their people are now getting things done)

This almost always prompts another question.  That question is what is the number one thing I can do to optimize myself? (to be my best, more productive, a better leader, etc…)

I always reply back just one thing?  Meaning there are many things that need to be done to optimize a human. They say oh yeah, I’m sure there are many but what’s the number one things I can do?  I say sleep. Sleep more and sleep better. With a puzzled look they alway reply… sleep? Sleep really!? I say yep. You asked for the one thing and that’s it. If you try and work with the granular things when you don’t have the 800 pound gorilla in the room handled none of the small stuff will count. It’s like diet advice. If you have a potato chip problem and over eat them all the time. My advice is don’t buy the chips. Problem solved.

I’m not suggesting something I don’t practice or observe. I do this with my sleep. I am obsessed with getting awesome sleep and I prioritize it. An example of this is… I have alarms set to stop caffeine.  I have another alarm set to stop working, shut down my laptop, electronic devices, phone and relax. Another for me to put my blue blocker glasses on. Doing things that stimulate you such as caffeine, strenuous exercise, arguments, TV shows, movies, news and thinking about stressors is like buying and eating the chips.  The whole bag of chips. Waiting to just get tired and thinking about going to bed is still having the potato chips. Have an alarm (better yet an evening routine) to stop doing things that keep us awake and get ready to sleep is on par with not buying the chips.

Set an alarm.

Don’t buy the chips

Set yourself you for success by focusing on the big ROI things first.  

After you do that. We should talk. It’s then time to work on the hundreds of other strategies that can and will make you a better optimized human.