Laurie Richards Topics

 Communication Skills:


  •    Business Writing that Gets Results
  •    E-writing Tricks and Tips
  •    Grammar for Professionals


  •    Presentation Transformation
  •    Getting Better Results with Your Sales or New Business Pitch

     Media Training

  •   “On the Record” Media Training
  •    Crisis Communication     

      Listening Skills

      Collaboration Skills

      Emotional Intelligence

      Technical Communication 

  •    Avoiding Geek Speak
  •    Translating Technical Talk to Non-Technical    Audiences


  •    Negotiating for Non-Negotiators featuring Eric Herdman

     Business Etiquette 

  •    Doing Business with Style and Etiquette

Personality Profiles

     DiSC Personality Types

     Myers-Briggs Personality Types

     Insights Discovery 

     Strengths Inventory

Management Skills:

     Creating a Collaborative Environment

     Managing, Motivating, and Engaging EVERY Generation

Speedreading for Better Comprehension

Visual Note-Taking

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