Online Coaching With Eric

“When I work with you, my job is to NOT make more time for you … but to make you better so that you can do exponentially more with the time you have!”

-Eric Herdman

The Mentoring and Coaching Program

The mentoring and coaching program centers around your areas of need. These are identified in the questionnaire you complete and our first conversation. Intentions of growth and discovery are set.  Testing ideas and “homework” are always assigned. Your commitment to testing ideas and homework will determine how deeply and quickly you will progress in the coaching and mentoring process.

Here are the specifics:

  • Each call/video or session will be 60 minutes in length.
  • Text and email in between calls as needed.  Take advantage of this. I encourage it! However, I do recommend we use the app Voxer to communicate between scheduled calls.  
  • Specific action steps from each call will be established and set.  
  • Additional resources and support materials supplied to keep you informed and motivated.