How to Win Tomorrow Today

I’ve have been doing a lot of speaking in the construction industry with associations and companies. I have a featured article on How to Win Tomorrow Today in this months Construction Executive Magazine. — Read on

Here we go again…

Last month bagels emojis. This month landing emojis. Over the past two decades of working with some of the most productive (and busiest) people. I am well qualified to say this… If an emoji concerns you… YOU must have a lot of free/down time, all of your projects completed, financial security, job security and overallContinue reading “Here we go again…”

Keep It Simple For Being Insanely Productive

I test a lot of productivity, habit and human optimization apps. I have to because I am constantly asked at my seminars and keynotes “what app do you recommend” for this or that? I try to always have a recommendation to offer. I even have a PDF document that contains my current and top recommendations. However,Continue reading “Keep It Simple For Being Insanely Productive”